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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the divisions, and how do the kids determine which division they will be playing in?  

The divisions are based on birth year and are outlined below for the 2021 season:

2021 Registration Divisions

Birth Year Division
2018 / 2017 U5
2016 / 2015 U7
2014 / 2013 U9
2012 / 2011 U11
2010 / 2009 U13
2008 / 2007 U15
2006 / 2005 U17

2.  My child wishes to play but my family cannot afford the registration fee.  Is financial assistance available?

Yes, financial assistance is available through the Jumpstart program in our community.  Please read through the information provided further down this page. 

3.  What equipment is needed?

The U5 program, is a soft lacrosse program.

Equipment required for U5 players:

  • Helmet
  • Mouth Guard
  • Gloves
  • Lacrosse Stick

As an organization, we will supply the players with Shirts/Jerseys.

Equipment required for U7 to U17:

  • Helmet
  • Mouth Guard
  • Jock/Jill
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Arm Guards
  • Kidney Pads
  • Lacrosse Stick - U5 to U13 stick length must be 34" to 46" 
  • U15 to Senior stick length is 40" to 46"

4.  How long does the season run? When does it start, and when does it finish?

Our  season runs from mid-April to the end of June every Saturday.  The season ends prior to the end of school.  Typically U5 and U7 will play early mornings, U9 and U11 will be mid morning/lunch time, U13, U15 and U17 will play in the afternoon.  All games are finished before 5pm each week.

Our Weekend of Champs will be played on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which hopefully, will create more of a tournament atmosphere for the kids.

5.  My child hasn't signed up yet, but he wants to come to the clinics to see what lacrosse is all about. Is that possible?

It is possible, but there is an insurance fee that will have to be paid in order for the child to be on the floor during the clinics. The fee is $20, and will be subtracted from the registration fee if the child decides to participate in the season.

6.  Refund Policy

If a request is received within 24 hours of registering, a full refund will be provided in both box and field registrations. Representative programs start with the first field or box tryouts. There are no refunds provided after the start of a program. 

Houseleague Box:   From the date of registration until March 31st - 50% refund. April 1st and on - 0% refund.

Field:  From the date of registration until January 31st - 50% refund. February 1st and on - 0% refund

*Rep tryout cards are non-refundable.

Financial Assistance Available Through Jumpstart

How to Apply:

Applications for assistance can be submitted from January 15 to June 1 for spring/summer programs, and from July 1 to November 1 for fall/winter programs.

Call 1-877-616-6600. Based on your postal code, a Call Centre representative will provide a contact on the closest Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter.  When calling your local Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter representative, be prepared to provide your contact information and the details of the sport or recreational activity your child would like to participate in. You may also be asked to provide financial information in order to prove eligibility for funding.  Applicants will be notified by the local Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter representative if they are approved or if further information is required.  All information received is kept confidential.

The total funding that each qualified child can receive in any one submission period (e.g., spring/summer for baseball, fall/winter for hockey) will vary based on Chapter budgets and demand. Grants are provided directly to the non-profit or charitable organization coordinating the sport or recreational activity on behalf of the qualifying child. Since each child's financial needs are unique, Canadian Tire Jumpstart's contribution can be made for equipment, registration or transportation costs.

All approvals are the sole discretion of the local Canadian Tire Jumpstart chapter and designated Canadian Tire Jumpstart personnel.

The Jumpstart website is: