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Frequently Asked Questions

Girl's Field Lacrosse - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Question:  What does the practice schedule look like?
Answer:  All teams have 2 practices per week, each practice being 1 ½ hours in length.  Last year practices were held on the soccer fields in Acton (beside the Arena) and we are looking to do the same this year.  Practice nights will fall between Tuesday and Friday – nights dependent on the age group .


Example:  U11 - Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 PM -7:00 PM
               U15 - Wednesday and Friday 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Question:  What is the typical game schedule?
Answer:  The majority of games are held on weekends with some mid-week games for particular age groups.  Game days and times are set at the start of the season based on age group.  As this is a rep team, travel is required to locations such as: Brampton, Oakville, Orillia, Owen Sound, Kawartha, Six Nations etc.  Each age group only plays one day per weekend and games are fairly close together.  2018 days and times will remain the same for the age divisions:
Saturday morning - U19
Saturday afternoon - U15
Sunday morning - U11
Sunday afternoon - U13


Question:  How do I know what age group I am?
Answer:  For the 2019 season, the age groups are as follows:
U11 - Birth year 2009-2011
U13 - Birth year 2007-2008
U15 - Birth year 2005-2006
U19 - Birth year 2001-2004


Question:  What are the costs involved?
Answer:  The initial registration fee is $400.  Additional rep fees are assessed after registrations are known and team numbers are decided.  If a new player, you will be required to purchase a uniform (approx. $90).  There is optional Bulldog merchandise available however this changes from year to year (eg. Jacket $65, Socks $20, etc).  Each family pays $20 per year towards the Bulldogs Family Fun Night Fundraiser.


Question:  Does the organization allow fundraising to cover costs?
Answer:  Yes, costs can be minimized by fundraising however this is done at a team level and at the discretion of the Head Coach and Team Manager.  If a team is considering doing fundraising, all team members should be in agreement and it should also be run by the Director to ensure there are no issues.


Question:  Is attendance at all practices, games and provincials mandatory?
Answer:  The expectation is that players will be fully dedicated for the duration of the season (end of May to end of July).  We do recognize that some families plan vacations and this should be shared with the Head Coach at the start of the season.  Players must play a minimum number of games to quality to play in provincials and depending on the age group/size of team, playing time may be impacted by attendance.


Question:  Is the program competitive at all age groups?
Answer:  Yes, this is a rep program where some clubs start at a very early age and therefore the competition is fierce.  A strong work ethic, positive attitude and willingness to learn will help the girls to succeed in this sport.


Question:  Does it matter if my daughter has not played before and doesn’t know the rules?
Answer:  No, during games the referees are excellent at explaining the calls and helping the girls to understand the rules – this is true at all levels.  Along with the Head Coach, we have support from senior women who have played the games at various levels (high school, university, national level) that will assist with practices and help teach techniques/skills required.


Question:  What equipment is required?
Answer:  The only mandatory equipment required is a mouth guard.  Footwear can be running shoes or cleats and protective eye wear (goggles) are strongly recommended – they may become mandatory.  For teams that wish to travel to the USA to play in tournaments, goggles are mandatory there.


Question:  Is there any physical/body contact?
Answer:  No, the girls game is very different from the boys in this regard.  At the younger ages, there is no stick contact allowed and as you move to the older ages, although stick contact is permitted, there are rules around that (U13 – only if stick below shoulders, U15 – not in the sphere around the face etc).