Box Player Equipment - U7 & Up

HELMET: All helmets must be CSA approved NOCSAE approved. The helmet must have a chin strap, which must be properly secured on both sides, and cannot be altered from the manufactured form.

FACEMASK: Must cover the entire face to the lower jaw line.  Cannot allow the head of the stick or ball to make contact with the face. The mask must be CSA approved for ice hockey or lacrosse, or be NOCSAE approved and must be approved for helmet model that it is mounted on.

MOUTH GUARD: Mandatory.

SHOULDER PADS: One piece pad made of flexible, high density impact foam pad with poly-plastic shoulder caps.    When properly fitted, offers protection for upper body and shoulders.

ARM & ELBOW GUARDS: Light weight hard plastic or high density impact foam that offers protection for the whole arm, while allowing full range of motion of the arm at the elbow.

RIB & BACK PADS: A one piece light weight plastic and high density impact foam pad which offers protection for the rib and back area.

LACROSSE GLOVES: High density impact foam and leather or nylon offer protection and flexibility. New contour cuff systems allow full range of motion at the wrist for maximum protection and mobility. Gloves cannot be altered from the original manufacturer’s design (i.e. palms cannot be cut out).

LACROSSE STICK: Plastic head with aluminum, carbon graphite or titanium enhanced alloy shafts of various shapes and textures. The stick cannot be strung to with-hold the ball from play. Only one stop allowed.

LACROSSE STICK WIDTH: Standard stick width specifications are 4.5” to 8” inside measurement at the widest point.


• Pee Wee and under (12 years and under) — 34” to 46”

• Bantam and up (13 years +) — 40” to 46”

LACROSSE SHOES:  Suitable indoor shoes. Durable synthetic leather upper that won't wear out. Responsive flat rubber outsole that is built for play on flat surfaces such as astro turf, concrete & other hard surfaces. This outsole was created specifically for the Box Game.